Reptiles Make Great Pets for Kids

In many homes, a pet is not just a pet, but often considered as one of the family members. Whether it’s a dog, a cat or a fish, they have already become part of our life. These pets are often our kid’s life savers and most of all a friend.

But do you know that there can be other lovable and endearing animals around that will also make a great pet for your kids? If you are currently looking for a gift or something to give for your kid as a present, you might want to consider giving him a reptile like an iguana.

Reptile as a Pet

This might be something offbeat a decade ago. But these days, having a reptile as a pet is very common for many. Many of us are probably scared of lizards, snakes, frogs and many other reptiles and when we think of having them as a pet, that’s a little creepy.

But there could be good reasons why many are now starting to get a reptile as a pet at home. Let’s take a closer look about why they can make great pets for kids.

bearded dragon

Easy to Care and Maintain. Since you will be entrusting a pet to your kid to take care, you have to make sure that he can do it with less effort. Unlike other pets like dogs and cats, reptiles don’t need too much cleaning and grooming. Reptile like a bearded dragon is easy to feed. A bit of veggies and a chunk of meat would do.

Saves Space.  For those who don’t have enough space at home to contain bigger pets, getting a reptile is a great idea. No huge cages needed, just a small containment would do. This would work for families living in small apartments and units.

Saves Money.  Obviously, this is the most enticing part of having a reptile as a pet. It absolutely saves you money for the food, maintenance and grooming. So you don’t have to spend too much just to get your kid a pet to love and care.

Fun to Have. Not many people know about this, but yes, reptiles like bearded dragon can be very playful and fun to have. Some iguana owners are even making it more fun by putting some cute little dress on their pet. Reptiles might be frightening, but they are absolutely friendly and easy to tame. Reptile owners can say a lot about that.

Why Get a Pet for your Kid

There are many reasons why getting a pet for your kids is important. One is that it’s a good way to teach them how to become responsible to take for something. Since they will be more hands on in feeding and grooming, it will make them even more in charge. It is such a great way to train them. Having a pet will also keep them from doing undesirable things since they’ll get more focused in making sure that it’s in good health and condition.

For some kids, having a pet they can be with even when they’re sleeping would mean security. They felt that their pet will be watching over them and take care of them while they’re sleeping.  So why not get a good pet for your kid today? And consider getting a reptile this time!

Paddleboarding in Vancouver

Since paddleboarding started in Hawaii, it has become even more popular in many different places all over the world. And Vancouver is no exception for that. Now, you will be able to see an increasing number of paddlers out in the waters. Paddleboarding seem to get much attention from people who are looking for fun ways to work out and get fit.

For those who don’t have much idea what paddleboarding is, just think about surfing, but with a twist. It is a great water activity wherein you have to propel through the water using a paddle while stand up on tower paddleboards which very much the same with a surf board.

Paddleboarding Truth

There are many reasons why there is an increasing number of people love paddleboarding. Unlike any other water sports activities, it offers lots of benefits. For those looking for an effective way to work out but not exhausting yourself too much, this activity is the perfect option. It is proven effective to improve your body’s core strength, as well as your balance. Standing up on top of the board, while trying to propel through the water without falling out of the board, is absolutely a great way for you to acquire strength.

Paddleboarding has no age limitations. Even your pet can ride with you. Kids will definitely enjoy this activity. Thus, you can do it with your entire family. It is even more fun to do paddleboarding with your friends. It is such a great way to enjoy with the people you cherish plus you get a chance to stay fit and improve your body over time.

Paddleboarding in Vancouver

For the people of Vancouver, paddleboarding a great option to make the most of the many calm and beautiful waters around. There are many beaches around that are dedicated to accommodate paddleboarding. You can enjoy the water, savor the sun and improve your body’s strength at the same time.


If you are new to this water activity and you don’t know how to get yourself started, then you can find schools around that can give you the paddleboarding lessons that you need, to get you on the go. You don’t have your own stand-up paddleboard yet? Don’t worry, you can find many shops around that offer paddle boards rentals. On the Deep Cove as well as the North Shore, their calm waters are a perfect place to be.

Enjoy the Waters

Whether you live in Vancouver or you are just there for a day or two get away, it is important that you make the most out of it. You can’t just be there and do something memorable and beneficial. Whether you are with someone special or with your entire family, paddleboarding can still be a great option. On that note, you also have to make sure of your own safety. Make sure that you are safe and protected when doing any water sport activity. You can only get the complete fun and enjoyment if you do it with caution, safely and with proper protection!

Best Breakfast in Vancouver

Breakfast in Vancouver

Bons, One of My Favs!


As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here in Vancouver, people takes breakfast really seriously. In fact, they love breakfast so much that there are actually hundreds of restaurants dedicated to serving just breakfast foods alone.

If you are a breakfast lover, you will surely love Vancouver. I actually used to hate breakfast but that all changed now that I have a child. Since I have to make sure that he gets his most important meal of the day, I am forced to have mine too. However, there are still some days when I get lazy cooking breakfast for my family so we end up eating out for breakfast. Lucky for me, my favorite Vancouver breakfast places do not disappoint.

If you are like me and you want to find your go-to breakfast place for you and your family, here are some of the best breakfast places in Vancouver:

  • Bon’s Off Broadway

If you and your family love all greasy things for breakfast, this is the best place to go to. This place serves the breakfast essentials– bacon, toasts, eggs and potatoes. The best thing about this place is it actually serves some of the best Vancouver breakfast for only a couple of bucks.

  • Heirloom vegetarian restaurant

If your kids loves veggies (which is very rare, I know), this is the perfect place to eat in. This place specializes in egg dishes with a healthy twist. I recommend this to parents who want to introduce healthy eating to their child at an early age. Their delicious healthy vegetarian breakfasts will surely make your child ask for more.

  • Marulilu Cafe

If your family loves Japanese and breakfast, then this will surely be your favorite place. If you are already too tired of eating bacons and eggs again and again, then introduce your family to a different breakfast dish. This place offers a great pancake this with a Japanese twist– the Okonomiyaki. It is a Japanese version of pancake with onion, cheese and a whole lot of seafoods.

  • Paul’s Omelettery

For those who like to try all sorts of egg dishes, this is the perfect breakfast spot for you. They serve some of the best omelette dishes that you can ever taste. Some of my favorites include omelette with salmon and shrimp. The best thing about this establishment is it is located in a convenient location just along the Granville Street Bridge. This is accessible for anyone who work or study downtown.

  • Siegel’s bagels

Bagel is my favorite breakfast food. This quick breakfast stop offers the yummiest Montreal-style bagels you can ever try. These are baked fresh everyday in their traditional wood-burning oven. One of their best flavor is their candied salmon.

Whether you wish to try out something different or you are craving for your favorite breakfast meal, these are some of the best Vancouver breakfast spots that you must try. Dining in one of these spots is truly a great way to start your day!

Top 5 activities for Moms in Vancouver with Toddlers

False Creek

If you and your little one is already bored watching Tv or playing board games and the likes, it is recommended that you go out and explore the wonderful world of Vancouver.

Having lived here for too long a time, I have always thought that I have already done everything there is to do in this city. That is why I did not bother exploring the city. However, this all changed when my little boy came into my life. Like me, my boy gets easily bored so I discovered the need to go out and look for fun things to do with my little boy in this city of ours. Surprisingly, I discovered that Vancouver has lots of things stored for a mom and her little child.

A day out at Granville Island

Lots of tourists flock to this tourist attraction because of the variety of dishes that it offers. However, there is more to this place than the food. Since my little boy like adventure, his favorite activity here is riding the Aquabus. This is actually a network of small boats that will tour you all around the area of falsecreak. The best part of this day out is the visit to the island. You can have a pick between the indoor children’s area or the outdoor park or both. These establishments actually offer lots of activities to enjoy such as rides, play pen and many more.


A visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you want something fun and adventurous to do with your little kid, this is the place that I highly recommend. More than just a bridge, this is actually a park that is filled with culture, adventure as well as history. Some of the attractions that I recommend include Living Forest Exhibit, Kids’ Rainforest Explorer Program as well as the guided tours.


A ride at the Vancouver big bus

You may think that this activity is only for tourists but you will be surprised to discover how much enjoyable it is, even for the locals. Since me and my boy want to try something new, we hopped on to the big bus and it was so surprisingly enjoyable that our big bus ride have become one of our favorite experience so far. Riding the double decker is the best way to teach my boy the history of Vancouver.


A day watching the sea planes

Now, this is one of the least popular activities in Vancouver but this is the most unique and fun one. Along the coal harbor, you can find a sea wall where you and your kid will love watching the sea planes go up and down. The best thing about this is that it is located only a few minutes away from downtown Vancouver.


A skyride to Grouse Mountain

Take the ride to the top of the mountain and you will be in awe of the amazing view of the city from up there. At the top of the mountain, delicious foods, entertaining shows and majestic views await you.


Are you ready to have fun with your little one? If yes, then schedule these fun fun fun activities and watch your child get giddy with delight!